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Thread: The Stag - first autonomous steps

  1. The Stag - first autonomous steps

    Hey guys.

    My last project post here didn't get much attention but I'm going to try again anyway!

    The quad in my previous post was Stag Mark 1, Mark 2 is almost twice the size of its predecessor and now 100% more autonomous. This video shows Mark 2 navigating over an obstacle course, Mark 2 uses an IMU and foot sensors to traverse unknown terrain. It is also (somewhat) capable of recovery if it losses footing. The video also shows some of the work I have been doing on a dynamically stable trotting gait.

    The Stag uses a combination of HerkuleX DRS-0101 and DRS-0201 servos from Dongbu Robot to get around. The controller is a PandaBoard ES running Ubuntu Server 12.04 and the body was printed on a RepRap Mendel. For (slightly) more information visit my site or just ask here.

    Questions and comments encouraged!

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    Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    Your robot looks very triumphant, walking all over those engineering textbooks.

    What kind of feet are that? They seem to bend a lot, is that intentional?

    What are those blueish LED lights at the top of each leg? IR distance sensors? I don't recognize the model.

    I looked at your website, I really dig the fact that you worked out the math. That kind of information always helps me forward in understanding that aspect. Thank you.

    It looks a bit like you connected three servos on the leg but there are only 2 DOFs? Its the servo behind L2 in your math picture.

  3. Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps


    The feet are just spst switches with rubber NERF bullet tips attached and yes the bending is intentional, the switches can handle a lot of torque and normal force but any significant impact will destroy them. The bending helps to absorb any impact forces.

    The blue LED lights are actually in the servos, the HerkuleX servos have RGB LEDs that can be programmed for diagnosis or just aesthetics.

    The servo in the middle of L2 is a “dummy” servo. It's just a servo casing with no electronics inside. The dummy servos come with the HOVIS robot kit and I'm using them to increase the length of the L2 section. I had a 3D printed bracket to do the job but the dummy servo ended up being much more rigid.

    Cheers, I'm glad you liked my site.


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    Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    That looks pretty good! I like how it self-levels as it moves along.
    How quickly does the IMU report changes in orientation, and how quickly does the software react?

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    Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    It's amazing. It looks great!

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    Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    Very nice

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    Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    Looks good! How are you liking the primeSense sensor? I have one on my hex but haven't done much with it other than look through the camera a couple of times.

  8. Re: The Stag - first autonomous steps

    Thanks guys.

    The IMU is reporting it's state at 66HZ, the reaction is on the slow side mainly because I haven't tuned the PID controller associated with levelling and self correction properly.

    I really like the Xtion PRO, although I have the long range version so I was kicking myself when they released the short range camera. I have been working on a ARM friendly SLAM implementation to help with navigation. Now that you mention it I feel stupid for not including some first person footage in the video.

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