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Thread: Grinder skating hexapod robot

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    Re: Grinder skating hexapod robot

    Cool! The design made me think of Dark Eldar warships and spacesuits from Warhammer 40k, especially the color purple.

    Years a go I found this skating robot with 4 legs that could also walk. It was my understanding from Xevels post that you already had hear of this one?

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    Re: Grinder skating hexapod robot

    I saw Grinder skate and walk at Robogames this year and it is one of the coolest things I saw there this year. Great stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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    Re: Grinder skating hexapod robot

    Quote Originally Posted by timmy_toner View Post
    I like the 5 bar design! 4 and 5 bar mechanisms are crazy useful and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more in the robotics community.
    So do I, it is a nifty mechanical way of taking the load of the servo's. I wonder if it can be used in a humanoid robot design to take some load of the knee joint or have a zero energy required balance state while standing up right. Psyclops, do you have a good theoretical/practical reference for designing these? I can do the math but some insight in design possibilities would be nice.

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    Re: Grinder skating hexapod robot

    Yes, the linkage design means it takes no energy to stand still, and the robot does not collapse when it loses power. The total weight with 2x5000MAH 4S LiPos is about 11kg, which is only slightly over my design goal of 10kg. I based the design off my earlier robot Ziggy ( ) and added the third degree of freedown to allow me to move the leg outwards, which allows for skating. I designed the mechanism by mating the linkages together and adjusting their lengths in CAD which allowed me to tweak the geometry while moving the linkages around to optimize the envelope and positions. The math came later... although I did put force equations into the CAD so that I could check that I wouldn't be overloading the motors.

    I have subsequently solved the IK equations and I'm in the process of integrating it all together with a Visual Python simulator... I took about a month off after RoboGames (to rest!) but I'm back on the project now

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