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Thread: Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

  1. Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

    Talk about affordable....perfect for the budget roboticists to print robot chassis.

    About 3.0-3.5 x 3.0-.3.5 x 3.0 inch print area

    I can see it used for really detailed and small prints using 1.75mm filaments with <=0.35mm nozzle at <=0.1mm layer resolutions.

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    Re: Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

    Four more days and you can sign up for the beta.

    I like 3D printers, technically they are actually robots haha.

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    Re: Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

    They also have the Printrbot Jr for $399 right now, and a slightly bigger print area.
    It's still one of those "laser cut from MDF/plywood" form factors, though, which I've always thought have pretty bad rigidity.
    That's one of the reasons Makerbot switched away from plywood AFAIK.
    Still, it's a very low cost printer!

  4. Re: Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

    I thought id share another low cost printer

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    Re: Smallest/Cheapest 3D Printer I've seen

    It's true that a RepRap can be built for this cost range, though most will end up costing more. RepRap wiki estimates $300 to $600:
    Compared to the cheap Printrbots, you'll get a larger print area but spend a lot more time sourcing and assembling parts.

    I'm currently putting together one of these:
    I'm keeping it cheap with parts from ebay, and kind donations from Bill (who designed it), but it's very hard to get below the $300 threshold.

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