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Thread: airsoft drivers?

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    A relay just isn't a factor.
    If you run the guns in your motor power domain, but the relay coil in your logic power domain, then the coil of the relay may perhaps be enough to cause logic EMI that could trigger the scoring detection. But I wouldn't turn to that as the first possible cause.

    Btw: I found some decent mic cable at Radio Shack with 2 conductors and a shield, but in the best of worlds, I'd find something like 2-pair STP, at a reasonable price. Digi-Key doesn't seem to have anything promising in the 100 ft or less category, or even in the < $100 category. What would be a good source of such a thing, if it's indeed findable at all? I'm thinking shielded Ethernet cabling must be available in less than 2500 ft bulk somewhere...

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    I cut up a USB cable that I'd salvaged from an old webcam or something. It's thin, flexible, shielded, and the non-USB end was already terminated in standard pin sockets that can connect to the transponder.

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lupulus View Post
    I can't say I understand what this part is, but based on it's ratings, it's not likely to handle the current from your gun. Or not for very long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lupulus View Post
    --Picoswitch or battleswitch, basically a nicely packaged small relay (I think)
    These are cool, but the Picoswitch won't go over 1A, so you would have to go for the battle$witch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lupulus View Post
    --Solid state gun driver, most likely copying the one jes1510 posted:
    I've made one of these and it is fantastic. It is cheap and easy to use, making it well worth the extra effort to assemble.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    Following the discussion has been very informative! I'm going to try Jes's solid state design.

    It seems unlikely to me that a small relay would trigger the panels, compared to the much stronger coils in the airsoft gun. However, the amp rating on those small relays does look too low to handle the ~4A swings from the gun.

    Thanks all!

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    Relays have caused many problems with other mechs. Use solid-state parts. they're your best option.

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    Re: airsoft drivers?

    I don't know as much about the smaller airsoft gearboxes and motors used for mech warfare but I used to help develop (and build, and sell) solid state fire control hardware for fullsized airsoft guns.

    Those motors were some of the noisiest and dirtiest things ever! HUGE voltage spikes, plenty of noise, you name it. If the smaller ones are similar then I have no doubt that they could cause all kinds of gremlins in a bot.

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