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Thread: Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

  1. Question Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here
    So please go easy on me. I am new to robotics and deciding to buy my first kit. I saw this thread asked last year but I couldn't find details I wanted so I decided to create a new thread. Hope its okay

    Initially I had Robobuilder in mind then I found Bioloid Premium would offer better quality and versatility in terms of learning and improving from there.

    However I came across Hovis Eco, which looks quite nice and based on what I read uses good quality servos and assembly is easier. However I dont have full knowledge about these kits so I cant make a proper comparison.

    What I realised it Hovis Eco is only a humanoid kit , and cant make anything else with it ( unlike Bioloid Premium ) and it has less sensorsthat comes with the kit originally( Am I correct? What does PSD sensor covers in Hovis?). However uses newer technology and etc.

    I would highly appreciate if you can share your experience, advice and suggestion Many thanks
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    Re: Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

    You can take the brackets and servos that come with the Hovis and build whatever other topology you want. However, doing so, you're going "off the reservation" where you have to figure out your own control algorithms. So, in that sense, the Hovis forces you to learn that part sooner than the Bioloid, which lets you stay in "comfortable land" longer. Which of those two methods you prefer is a personality question.

  3. Re: Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

    Thanks a lot for your response.
    I haven't seen many videos of Hovis or many community forums. I hope the support and work around Hovis is as good as Bioloid.
    In terms of sensors, does Bioloid Premium have more or PSD in Hovis is equivalent ?

    Could I please have more comparison points for these two kits from those whom tried or own them?
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    Re: Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

    The PSD sensor in the chest is a SHARP IR distance sensor, same as used in the Bioloid Premium humanoid.

    The Hovis controller uses an ATmega128, which has not been used in a Robotis product since the very first controller (CM-5). The CM-5 has since been replaced by the CM-510 (ATmega2561) and that was replaced by the CM-530 (STM32 - ARM Cortex M3 - cannot remember exact model number, but it should be on the e-support site). The AX/DX/RX/EX series of dynamixels use an ATmega88 and the new MX series of dynamixels use an STM32.
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  5. Re: Bioloid Premium or Hovis Eco

    Fantastic ! That is what I wanted to know

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