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Thread: Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?

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    Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?

    I am a young teenager, and I have started working on robotics in this last year. I started with the Bioloid Premium kit this last winter. I have explored the ins and outs of the roboplus software (I've been working with a humanoid that I've customized a little bit). I'm not sure where to go from here, as I have tried working with the CM-530 with the embedded C, but I'm having a bit of trouble with it, and the robotis help webpage, isn't helping much.

    So far with embedded C, I've been able to play around with the zig110, move a couple servos, mess with the LEDs, but again, not sure where I should go from here.

    Gavin (Lolwut3324)

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    Re: Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?

    Hi Gavin, welcome to the forum.

    I will answer your question with a question, hopefully it will trigger something.

    Where do your interest lie? Do you want to keep trying things with code and behavior? Would you like to experiment with electronics (add different sensors for example)? Perhaps add some mechanical deviation to your kit through custom parts (learn 3d design in the process)?

    As it is your hobby, there is no "should" for you go to anywhere then where you would like to go yourself.

    For ideas you could dig a bit through some "example project" books like Arduino Robotics (link: or Robot Builders Cook Book (link: or look around for what others have made.
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    Re: Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?

    Yeh, if you want to learn more about C/C++ on microcontrollers, its hard to beat Arduino as a start. Lots of good documentation, tutorials, and huge community.

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    Re: Beginner With the Bioloid. Where to next?

    You can find articles and code about Bioloid (Dynamixel AX-12,CM-9xx and CM-5xx) C, C++ and C# programming at
    The new Robotis CM-9xx board use the Arduino environment:

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