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Thread: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    let us know about the progress on this boards, I like the modifications you mention on the Ethernet Port/USB .
    what system are you able to run on it?

  2. Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    Well, I soldered hastily some wires to the power plug and applied 5V with a bench power supply.
    It boots as expeted, though the messages on the debug port (with uses the same MOLEX connectors as the RX Dynamixels ) are quite unusual for me... but I guess that's normal since it's the first time I run Android on a dev board.

    Idleing, without the case, with (according to the log) 3 cores sleeping, it's consuming around 200mA and getting warm to the touch (maybe ~40°C with a room T° of 26°C). I'll put the heat sink back before any burn test

    Let's play now!
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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    Mine arrived today! Several days ahead of Fedex estimated delivery date. Will try it out hopefully later today!


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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    So far I have it booting up with the EMMC HDMI WIFI. It is currently running Android. The question I have for myself (and wonder what others are thinking). Should I try to continue with Android, or convert to linux... I think Ubuntu was also installed on the eMMC as well as Android, but not sure how to get to it. I more of less have 0 experience with Android (other then what little I did with previous phone).

    So far I have not really found any documentation for much of anything. But should be fun!

    Now back to hacking on other stuff..

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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    To follow up on this. When I ordered the Odroid-U2, I thought it said that both Android and Ubuntu were installed on the Emmc. Well now the website says that Android is installed.

    Their documentation for stuff is a bit light, but decided that I would probably be better off with some flavor of Linux installed on the machine, so thought I would try to live on the wild side. They now also have an official build of Debian Wheezy and thought that might be a good place to try.

    So I used win32 disk imager to read the current contents of the 16gb emmC, by plugging it into the microSD adapter and the microSD adapter in an SD adapter...

    I downloaded the tarball image for he linux and used 7zip file manager to extract the image file from it and I am about to use the Win32 disk imager to write the image out to the eMMC. hopefully it will boot after this!


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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    Hi KurtE,
    I don't if will work for something, but here are some link with that board and some Linaro/Linux Distro,
    connecting PrimeSense!topic/ros-sig-embedded/U50tL0ViVjg

    nd here is some other guide for ubuntu on this board .

    Im still playing and getting around on the gumstix, no dead ends yet, I will keep posting.


    PS: im getting tempted on the Odroid, after a small search and read about some good community support.

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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    I should probably start my own thread on this (and not hijak )

    The Wheezy 7.1 booted up fine. The wifi adapter I purchased with the Odroid did not work at first. But on the main thread up at odroid forum: found others had same issue and was simply resolved by doing:
    apt-get install firmware-realtek

    I followed most of my notes for Raspberry Pi, and I downloaded all of the current code I have for the RPi/BBBk and it now all compiles (really quickly) on the Odroid. Will figure out what I want to do next with it. May have to see if I can borrow the Kinect from our XBox and see if that works with this... But also need to get back to other projects.


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    Haha, you might hijack this thread in good consicence, since you are now its main contributor
    Haven't had too much time home these days to play with my board... maybe by the end of the week? I just got most of the parts of my new 3D printer (a Foldarap, an awesome folding reprap that you can put in a backpack, created by a good friend ), that's _still_ another source of distraction... and the tool I needed to start experimenting on many stuff for this project. I'm looking at many, many new topics for this bot: making servos, making motors, cameras, analog video, rubber casting, springs, airsoft guns, radio transmission, ... a lot of fun, but programming is a little less thrilling next to these ^^
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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2


    Well today I received my nice and small USB2AX THANKS!. so for the fun of it, I plugged it into the USB hub I have connected up to the ODROID-U2. I plugged it into a powered AX hub that I got in my last shipment from Trossen and did not have any spair servos sitting around, so I grabbed the PhantomX Arm and unplugged the one servo cable from the Arbotix board and plugged it into the powered hub.

    I then downloaded the Dynamixel SDK from Robotis and grabbed the updated dxl_hal from your website. I then brought over the ax12.h and BioloidController files from the Arduino and adapted them to use the appropriate calls from the dynamixel library. I also then ported over my PhantomX_Arm sketch to the Linux makefile type build and I now have it that using the Commander I can control the ARM

    In the end I will not being using this configuration, but instead will be moving it to probably the PhantomX Hexapod, but it is a reasonable test. In case anyone is interested, I updated my github Raspberry Pi project with all of this stuff...

    Side note with the Odrioid. The power barrel connector is very temperamental. I just barely bump the board and it loses power. Need to figure out if it is the plug or solder joint and if there is a better way to get power to it.


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    Re: Shiny new toy: ODROID-U2

    The USB2AX is great! I need to buy more. I suppose you don't need my sync_write function for it since you ported your own. :P

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