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Thread: Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos

  1. Angry Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the whole world of robotics and have decided I would like to build a quadruped robot.
    The parts I have chosen are the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 and dynamixel AX12A servos. Various other sensors will be incorporated later.
    The problem I seem to be having at the moment is that I am not able to write angles to my servo. When I call .attached() I get a true.
    At the moment I have the arduino board powered through usb and the servo is powered with a 11.1V external power source with its ground connected to the arduinos with a connection between pins 23 (digital pin 10) and the info line of the servos

    This is the code I have been trying to run
    #include <Servo.h>
    Servo myservo;
    void setup()
    //  delay(500);
    //   delay(1000);
    void loop()
    As far as I understand the servo library allows direct angle writing like this to servos using TTL half duplex com protocol.

    Perhaps it is in how I am supplying power to the servo but I dont see why It would be a problem doing it this way.
    Thanks alot

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    Re: Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos

    The Arduino Servo library is for hobby type servos that are controlled by PWM so that won't work for the AX12s.

    The Dynamixels run off of a serial bus. You need a Dynamixel specific library like the arbotix bioloid library (Arduino) or the Robotis Dynamixel SDK (C/C++).

    I have some info on driving the servos here:

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    Re: Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos

    I responded in your other thread. Please don't double-post!

  4. Re: Arduino Mega 2560 and AX12A servos

    Thanks for the replys guys.
    I would like to make use of the arbotix library provided, so do I just wire the TX1 and Rx1 pins on my Arduino Mega2560 and connect that up to the data line of the ax12a and then im good to go? Or will I not be able to use this library due to the TX1 and RX1 of the Arbotix being faster than that of the Arduino Mega2560?
    Thanks alot

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