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Thread: PhantomX ROS Robot Project

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    Re: PhantomX ROS Robot Project

    Im starting to come back on this project, I hope I can get more free time.

    Rigth now im working on having ROS working on my duovero Gumstix, not very easy yet, as there many step learning curves in diferent areas.
    - I was able to have a Poki 9.0 (Yocto Project) with a ROS installed but was not able to make it work the Wireless Card,
    - I was able to have a Poki 9.02 (Yocto Project) with the wireless card working, and connecting to my wifi, but was not able to Install ROS yet.)
    - the path is to get all the settings to cross-compilation with Yocto and gumstix, but i find a lot guides using Overo cards, but not the duovero. so lets see.
    - Also, i read that was not supported, but was able to have an image of LINARO ( ubuntu type?) with apt-get install packages, etc.

    Im not married with gumstix, but wanted a solid small factor card, to be able to run a ROS master node, with some limited CV, and may be have a more Powerfull ROS node to run CV on the backgroung, but im still looking for a different card if I can find more support or already pre-build images, so I can jump to next step.
    I wonder if any one has any suggestion ? I guess the BeagleBoard, Udroid, etc, are experiencing similar issues, and will take the same time.
    Hi KurtE, di dyou have any sucess with your board


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    Re: PhantomX ROS Robot Project

    There's a number of people who are running ROS Hydro on Raspberry Pi. That board is cheap enough ($35) that you might be able to "just try it" and see if it works for you.

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    Amin Guest

    Re: PhantomX ROS Robot Project

    Hi ezex ,
    i just started with Duovero Board for my intership and i want to put the ROS on it , please could you say me if you have do it ? (i'm sorry for my english)

    regards ,

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    Re: PhantomX ROS Robot Project

    Amin, in the beginnings of this thread several people have put ROS on a Duovero GumStix.

    I find this interesting because I still have somewhere (packed) two of the first model Gumstix WaySmall computers. I never did anything productive with them at the time, but if I can stretch my finances a bit. The new versions (the DuoVero) seem like a great robot controller that is much smaller than a BBB or a RasPi. On the other hand I'd prefer to price out a hexapod first to see if I can do it without breaking the bank.

    I would have to reread the specifications again, but it might use less power than the BBB and the RasPi.

    A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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