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    Hi history in the making Im willing to pay for coding help...let me know if you do it by hour or project. "The Factory Seal" 3d printer is based on a a robotic arm that already exists with a built in camera that tracks a blue shape (fish shaped joystick controller). As you’re holding the controller moving it around the 3d printer moves as well spraying out abs/pla/or WATERPUTTY! There is a more hands on approach where you control the printer nozzle directly by guiding it with your hands in any direction. As you guide it it sprays out the abs/etc. There are buttons to “Stop” the spraying on both printer and controller so you can pause and think of your next move. Either way the best part is– it records the x,y,z movements into the computer as “Snack1″. THEN when you’re done, any time you hit the “ART ART” play button the 3d printer goes through the exact movements of Snack1! making the exact shape again! Thanks!

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    cute concept. what OS are you running ?

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    thanks it was going to use the trossen arm (roborealm) but Im open to other methods with it- only thing is I dont have alot of money to go high-end...maybe Ill try for funding on some website too but I woulda liked the prototype first. either way thanks!

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