Hello everyone! I don't post to the forums nearly as much as I'd like, so for those who don't know me I'm Kyle Granat, Junior Engineer here at Trossen Robotics.

Recently I've been working on a new site to host all of the "Getting Started" information for the InterbotiX Line.

Right now the site has 'Getting Started' guides for the ArbotiX and each InterbotiX robot. Some of the features include
-A test protocol for each robot (with accompanying video) to make sure everything is built correctly
-Control Diagrams for Commander based code
-A new PC application for setting the ID on DYNAMIXEL servos
-New Arm Control firmware and software

Eventually this site will also host Edge Kit information, new firmware and applications, documentation on the ArbotiX libraries and more. I've already got a list of tutorials and info pages for all kinds of ArbotiX info. I also want to compile link-lists of user projects for each of our robots, and other ArbotiX based robots. In the future we will also be migrating our assembly guides and integrating them into the site.

We're also now using Github and moving all of our code to there. Our page can be found here. Please excuse the mess, we'll have proper README files up very soon.

It's still a work in progress, and if anyone has the time to browse the site, I'd love some feedback. If you see any of the following, feel free to shoot me a message/leave a comment.

-Browser Bugs
-Technical Errors
-Spelling/Grammar Errors
-Missing Steps
-Other suggestions or advice
-Resource links

Thanks for your time!