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Thread: Onyx version 6: walking gait again

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    Re: Onyx version 6: walking gait again

    Have you considered mouse control instead of joystick ?
    Honestly, I hadn't. I've been thinking I'd use a small microcontroller reading custom joysticks in some "to go box" controller with Xbee and video RX. Then, I went to Xbox controller sticks, with the thought that I'd use a Raspberry Pi, and perhaps use the cheap USB video capture device to be able to overlay some data -- but I hadn't taken the idea to the logical conclusion of using the RPi as a controller desktop :-)

    I could use WASD for lateral movement, and QE for turning the body, and use a trackball for the turret. I don't even necessarily need the ring.

    So, final question:

    Let's say the turret is aimed 60 degrees to the left, and I press W for "forward."
    I have the option of moving forward in the body direction -- MechWarrior style.
    Or auto-turning the body to match the turret, and moving forward in the turret direction -- FPS style.
    Or perhaps auto-turning the turret to start matching up the body -- "FPS lookspring" style.
    I've got the feeling so far that "everyone" does the MechWarrior style.

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    Re: Onyx version 6: walking gait again

    I used WSAD for movement, also. And yes, I used the MechWarrior style where body movement direction was independent of turret facing.

    If you use a smarter operator controller like an RPi, tablet, or PC, it's pretty easy to program whichever behavior prefer. You can add features like "center turret to body" or "center body to turret" as you need them.

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