I'm working on my rover, and got the boards for my power management -- soft on/off control, charger battery drain protection, 12V and 5V rails, etc.

I use 12V ATX power cables for my computer power, so I was putting that in for the power distribution. Running short on pigtails, I took an ATX extension I had ordered from Koolertek on Amazon and cut it in two, and hooked up to the screw terminals.

When I went to turn it on, nothing happened.

Turns out, the black/yellow wiring on the Koolertek wires (branded okgear.com on the packaging) are reverse; they're using yellow for GND and black for +12V. So my M3-ATX power supply is now toast.

Given that Koolertek claims it's an ATX wire, and the wiring/color coding is not to ATX spec, they should actually pay for that damage, but they're in TX and I'm in CA, which makes my chances of collecting... small.

(I verified that only the PS was toast; powering the mobo/CPU/SSD of the rover from a desktop ATX PS works fine.)