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    Quote Originally Posted by KurtEck View Post
    I personally like boards that have lots of power and grounds available to me, which is why for example I hacked up my own carrier board for a Teensy (different thread). Ordered some prototypes, now need to order parts to populate. Like what part number for the 3 pin male molex connectors that AX servos plug into...
    Having bought hundreds of them, I can tell you:

    r for the right-angle version.

    The plug on the ends of the wires is

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonHylands View Post
    Well, you know at least one hobbyist who does...

    I have a cheap pair, bought them from Digikey for under $40, and they work great for Molex style crimping.

    - Jon
    That's a generic crimper, right? I have a pair of the Engineer crimpers, which will kinda do most crimps OK, but it's painful to do a lot of them, and the strain relief isn't always great. For any large quantity of pins, or for more reliable crimping, having a crimp from a tool that is designed exactly for the pin is hugely important. Unfortunately, those crimpers start at about $250 for some of the Molex series (Mini Fit Jr, etc) and can easily be $1100+ for a JST pin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tician View Post
    Duly noted. That's what I get for losing touch with ROS to deal with the CM-9 and classes.
    Not a problem, it's a common misconception and that's why I pointed it out. There is a huge crowd out there that thinks rosserial is a replacement for everything, but it's not.


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