Zenta: sounds good. Yep it is pretty cheap from Seeed, which is why I may order a batch of the ones with Arduino Headers. Not sure how I will use these, but maybe on Rover using something other than XBee...

General electrical question for those with more experience than I do. (Which is probably most of you )

On the current one with Arduino Headers,Click image for larger version. 

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I am trying to give several different options for power, with two sets of inputs, that can all be hooked to each other, or one is setup to only go to the AX connections, but can be Jumpered to VS, the 2nd one goes to 5v/3v regulators and also can be jumpered to VS.

But in addition, the Teensy has a soldered in jumper on the bottom that can be removed that jumpers VUSB to it's VL. So I have added two sets of jumpers up there that allow me to jumper VL back to VUSB and/or VL to +5v from. But for the most part I would proabably always not undo their solder joint, so I put in a soldered in jumper Click image for larger version. 

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But doing so DipTrace likes to complain in verification about pads to close, short circuit...

So couple of questions: First off is this overkill? Since I probably won't over need myself.

Do you use these types of solder jumpers (this one came from Sparkfun library), or do you do something like install a 0 ohm resistor as to make everything happy...