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Thread: PhantomX using a Teensy 3.1

  1. Re: PhantomX using a Teensy 3.1

    Quote Originally Posted by KurtEck View Post
    I will take a look. Some of it may be most of the code assume V2/V3 version of legs. I used to have #ifdef for both...
    May need to change offsets. Look for Quad_cfg.h ...
    #define cFemurHornOffset1 -35 // -70
    #define cTibiaHornOffset1 463 //380

    Again long time ago, may need to look at older version to see, what changed...

    Also there is code defined in _phoenix_code.h which looks for the define PHANTOMX_V2 I don't think it is defined, but you might experiment to see if it is or if it helps to have it.

    Sorry I am a bit rusty.
    You have no reason to be sorry I am digging up old stuff, I totally appreciate all the help.
    How can you tell the difference between the versions? My guy is pretty old and probably a V1. The arbotix board is the original with the large chip, not the "M" version.

    I just looked up some images, i am sure mine is a V1, and thats probably the problem. My servos mount together back to back and the V2 servos mount to brackets so the servos face the same direction, this is mine.
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  2. Re: PhantomX using a Teensy 3.1

    I have the 45 degree brackets and found the Tibia design, I can either print them or laser cut them, I think I should convert mine to a V2

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