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Thread: Mech Warfare Weapons Guide

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    Re: Mech Warfare Weapons Guide

    Updated to include Onyx Fire II board. I'll add a bit about R-Team's setup soon. Though, if you wanted to write up a quick guide about your setup I'm sure you'd do a better job of it than I could. I'd just add what you have there, but I'm trying to keep this as beginner friendly as possible.

    Thanks to the efforts of the MW community (I'm looking at you Jwatte ), It looks like there are finally some effective, affordable, and easy to implement solutions for MW weapon systems. Good work everyone .

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    Re: Mech Warfare Weapons Guide

    No international orders it seems. :/
    I'll look into alternatives. Perhaps a PayPal webstore on the website...

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    antonmatosov Guest

    Re: Mech Warfare Weapons Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    FWIW: Because Shapeways had issues with the description of my previous parts, I collapsed them all into a single bundle-of-parts, which ends up being cheaper to order, too.

    Check it out at
    White-strong-flexible is cheapest (because they don't have to dye it); Black-strong-flexible looks better IMO.
    I've ordered this set and put it on a Double Eagle gearbox, and it has a nice and tight fit.
    Hi Jon,

    It looks like Shaeways doesn't let download your hop-up design files anymore.
    Can you please share these files so I can print them out myself?

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