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Thread: USB2AX v3.2 upcoming release

  1. USB2AX v3.2 upcoming release


    The USB2AX is getting a little face lift. The size, functionalities and hackability are unafected. The Firmware is the same as the one for the v3.1a.
    This is mainly a redesign to use more widely availalable components in place of some of the most expensive and hard to find elements (dual color LED, crystal...).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The files can be found in the new home for all the USB2AX files and sources, cleaned up and re-organized :

    It is planned to be for sell starting in around a month at a slightly smaller price than the current one.
    Personal blog:
    USB2AX documentation:

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    Can you point me in the direction of what might be needed to get USB2AX working with the new dynamixel XL-320 servos in linux?
    I understand I'll need to adapt the actual molex connector, but for software, the DynamixelSDK currently doesn't support the XL-320, does it? Would there need to be any changes in the firmware for USB2AX?

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    Re: USB2AX v3.2 upcoming release

    Firmware should not need any changes, just update the dxl_sdk on the PC to use the dxl_2.0 protocol. It uses a different packet format and a CRC function, instead of the inverted 8-bit sum used as the old checksum. The packet format and CRC function are on the Robotis support site under 'Product Information -> Dynamixel -> Communication 2.0'.
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