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Thread: Arbotix-M sketch for dynamixel AX-12A's

  1. Arbotix-M sketch for dynamixel AX-12A's

    New to robotics - I have two AX-12A servos set up as 1 & 2 and an Arbotix-M board. I would like a simple sketch that uses one servo as the master and the other to duplicate the motion of the first. I would be moving servo 1 by hand and would like servo 2 to duplicate the movements, similar to this youtube video: Any ideas?

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    Re: Arbotix-M sketch for dynamixel AX-12A's

    Untested, but should be close.
    #include <ax12.h>
    #define MASTER_SERVO 1
    #define SLAVE_SERVO 2
    void setup()
        // setup the arbotix's dynamixel library
        // turn off torque of the master servo so that we can move it around
    void loop()
        while (1)
            // get position of master servo
            int posit = GetPosition(MASTER_SERVO);
            // set position of slave servo
            SetPosition(SLAVE_SERVO, posit);
            // delay a bit so we do not swamp servos with packets
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  3. Re: Arbotix-M sketch for dynamixel AX-12A's

    Thank you very much, exactly what I needed! Dynamixels are great!

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