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Thread: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

  1. Re: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

    This is what I would be getting at that price


    This is a bit of the info they have given me so far:

    Hi Steve,

    NAO is very flexible, you can program it using a simple drag and drop interface (called Choregraphe), or you can use it’s API and use C++/Java/Python etc.
    It is totally up to you, and the capabilities are the same. (meaning you can control the robot’s motion, apply face detection or let it speak and even use speech recognition with or without writing a single line of code…)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tician View Post
    One really nice thing about the NAO is that it supposedly has self-collision detection and prevention, which is another thing I should probably try to add to the DARwIn-OP framework's MotionManager process function. Not fun having the bot suddenly become a contortionist when testing code.
    Sounds like you can get hurt by one of these while working with them. Does that collision detection protect the developer from having accidents. How seriously could you get hurt by one of these while programming.

    I do want to say thanks again for answering my questions and all the advice and expert knowledge I am receiving on the forum

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    Re: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

    Yeah, preventing collisions is really important when the servos get very strong. The AX-12 are strong enough to hurt like mad when your finger gets pinched, and the dynamixels can damage their gears and/or motors during a major collision and extended interference can burn out the motor and/or H-bridge. With the stronger dynamixel servos, the frames can be bent and/or broken. The plastic frames hurt, but are not going to break bones; maybe break the skin if caught just right. Metal frames can cause some cuts if you get pinched with a sharp edge, and the stronger servos can potentially break bone (there was a video a while back from the trossen shop of an RX-64 or EX-106 breaking a chicken bone). With a bunch of Bioloids and three DARwIn-OP, I've been pinched many times and scraped few times, but never anything worse than a few seconds of pressure with a paper towel (and I scratch and bleed rather easily).

    No idea how NAOqi actually fares on the anti-collision front. The DARwIn-OP does not have any significant issues with self-collisions/interference except in experimental testing and/or really bad software errors. There is a default motion file and new motion sequences are created using RoboPlus, so unless they are improperly modified or called incorrectly within a program it can cause issues. The DARwIn-OP walking engine does not generate any poses of the legs that could cause collisions (calls motion poses for the arms). Another potential source of collisions is directly modifying the servo goal positions like the theatre group does using TellDarwin and MAX, which is why I should add collision protection at the lowest level within MotionManager::process().
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    I'm pulling the trigger on this. Ill keep everyone posted

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    Re: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

    I'll just leave this here....

  6. Re: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyberius View Post
    I'll just leave this here....

    i knew there was a reason I'm procrastinating. Gotta feeling nap will drop more over the next few months and yup something new may be waiting for me

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    Re: Beginner starting out! How about the Bioloid GP?

    Perhaps you've done this, but before you put out a large amount of money, I would build a "Hello World" robot first. Basically take all your creative ideas and put them aside for your second robot. For the first, use a basic two-wheel/one caster with a flat based robot. Put a small controller on it and a few sensors and see what you can do.

    This will teach you a lot of things.

    1. Did you enjoy building and programming the robot?
    2. How to get things started
    3. A bit about how to design a robot.
    4. If you're using the bioloids set, it will teach you how the servos and controller work. If you're not it will teach you about whatever controller you're using.

    I built my first robot 15 years ago when I'd already had a lot of experience as a programmer. I'm getting into the hobby again after a ten year absence and was talked down from building a hexapod. Frankly at this time in my life it would have been too expensive and not done what I wanted. I can use the money I've saved to buy more tools.

    I'm going to build a an intelligent robot with a couple of wheelchair motors that I already have for locomotion, a bunch of stuff I can build for the base, and a couple of auxiliary robots. Since the main robot is Groucho, then where would I be without a Chico and Harpo and maybe even a Zeppo?

    I've decided that the theme for the appearance will be steampunk or perhaps Telsapunk depending on the results of my pencil drawings and some simple 3d renderings. Luckily I will have a 3d printer for some of the embellishments so I can let my imagination go wild.

    However, before I go wild, I will do a simple robot. I've got the parts already, and maybe it can be my Zeppo for a while. I start once the computer room is cleaned out hopefully within a week or so.

    At any rate, I wish you good luck.

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