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  1. Wheelchair motor control

    I am trying to make a motorized wheelchair and i have two wheelchair motors. But i don't know the connections diagram , there are four wires coming out from the motor. Some one plz tell hoe to connect the wires and control the motor. Please help me ....

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    Re: Wheelchair motor control

    I don't think anybody can help you there, because you haven't listed the motor part number, and you haven't posted any pictures. How is anyone supposed to know what you have on your own?
    It's likely two of the wires are for the motor itself, and two of the wires are for a safety brake, and thus needs to be applied before the motor can turn.
    But this assumes the motors are DC gear motors. However, they could be DCBL, or ACI motors, in which case the wires would be something else.

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    the manufacture is fracmo, and it is a 24V 10 A 138 rpm motor. This are the details i have

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    Re: Wheelchair motor control

    Quote Originally Posted by yadusahron View Post
    the manufacture is fracmo, and it is a 24V 10 A 138 rpm motor. This are the details i have
    Are you planning on using these motors on a traditional wheelchair to make it powered, or to make a robot?

    Right now I've started work on a robot based on a powered wheelchair base. I will not be using any of the electronics. The motor controllers use an odd set of signals and send a brake signal.

    For a robot, I disable the brake.

    i would strongly discourage the use of powered wheelchair motors on a traditional wheelchair. If you're building your own, I can send you the electronics that came with my chair if you can pay the shipping. They really aren't useful if you're building a robot though, unless you really know your way around electronics and deciphering unknown protocols.
    A little learning is a dangerous thing.

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