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Thread: Newbie Question ?

  1. Newbie Question ?

    Hi everybody,
    I need to controll a rc servo from approx 500 meters with possible simplest and cheapest way ?
    The rc servo only moves from 0 to 90 degrees , not in between ..
    Any help very much appreciated..
    Thank you for time,

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    Re: Newbie Question ?

    A Spektrum DX5i with integrated receiver is about $60. I don't know if it has 500 meters range -- it might, if there's nothing in the way.

  3. Re: Newbie Question ?

    Thanks.. Is there any possibility to move rc servo with RF ?
    If possible I will be happy to hear it..
    thanks again for time...

  4. Re: Newbie Question ?

    if you have just one, and you have line of sight, and there isn't too much interference, you could get quite cheap with a 433MHz emiter / receiver + a small Microcontroller like an ATTiny (or even a 555 could do the job if you only have 2 positions you want the servo to take) to receive the info and generate the PWM for the servo.
    The details of the project (environment, latency expected, tolerance to error in communication, power requirements,...) and your electronics skills will determine if it's a viable solution for you or not. If you are not affraid by getting your hands dirty you could make something that does what you mentioned in the order of less than $10 (not counting shipping though).
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