Anubis is getting a a rebuild for the RTEAM robotics club. So far not much to tell. We used the local hackerspace ( to laser cut out a black acrylic body. My first impressions of the the new OpenCM ( is a great product for $20. It's compact and just as easy to use as Arduino with a more powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor. The only drawback so far is I could not get it working on Linux. (downloading code, tried ubuntu 14 and 10 and on windows you have to do stuff like hold down user button on restart sometimes to be able to download code). We use the typical xbee 1mW which can be directly connected to the OpenCM 3.3v Uart, Ch2 for Anubis. Anybody know what type of connector that zigbee cable being used for bioloid that plugs into to OpenCM board... maddening not knowing... had to solder to the board itself. Anyway, here is an initial video of Anubis walking again. We still need to do some tweaking for the gait, but excited to get things going again.

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