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Thread: What happen with my 3.2" TFT???

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    Percy L. Guest

    What happen with my 3.2" TFT???

    I got a problem with the 3.2" TFT. I connect the TFT module with Arduino MEGA 2560. Then I followed the instruction from, downloaded UTFT library, used UTFT_demo 320x240 and changed the display model to SSD1289. It can show the demo, but with many thin white lines. The lines moves when the image moves.

    I have checked the wiring and it still happens. Any one knows why is that? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: What happen with my 3.2" TFT???

    Depending on how it is driving the lcd, the mega may be stuttering in it's output to the lcd, which expects it's input to be there at a certain timing which can change how the screen shows the image. (Many screens will also use this to adjust height and width of the picture on the screen itself)

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