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    As part of a robot developed for mech warfare, I've been working on a relatively self contained python library for inverse kinematics and gait generation, and a graphical application for debugging the result. I've posted it on github recently, figuring it might be more generally useful.

    I also have a video and a short write up showing how to use it with a simulated gazebo robot (included in the github repo):

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    Finally getting a chance to test this out. One item you may want to add to the list of prereq software is Gazebo. Looks like Gazebo needs a healthy system to run on or is there some opimization options?

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    I think it should run alright as long as you have working 3d acceleration. You don't technically need gazebo either, the second and third tabs will mostly work with no connection to any type of servo, simulated or real. You'll just be limited to watching the gaits in 2d instead of 3d.

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    I had to run mine as ./ since there is a folder with the legtool name.

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