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Thread: Work in native Mac environment or Linux VM?

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    Work in native Mac environment or Linux VM?

    I am brand new to robotics, and just bought the arbotiX Robocontroller Starter Kit. My question is what software development environment to use.

    I own a Mac (OS X 10.9.3), and I run a Linux VM (Ubuntu 12.04). What are the pros and cons of these two environments? I see that the Arduino IDE runs in either, but I'm also wondering about drivers, reading/writing on ports (especially from a VM), availability of open source software (and ease of working with it), etc.

    My preference for development work is the Linux VM. Is this a good choice for working with the Arbotix, or should I use the native Mac environment?

    Thank you.

    Jack Orenstein

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    Re: Work in native Mac environment or Linux VM?

    The Arduino IDE is fairly uniform across all platforms and the FTDI FT232RL of the dongles (Xbee Explorer and FTDI/Arduino-pinout) has pretty reliable drivers for just about every platform, so it should not make much difference what you use. The VM might experience a slight delay with the FTDI dongle, but I do not expect that should interfere too much since the PyPose sketch runs the port at well below the 1Mbps of the dynamixels (where the default 16ms latency of some drivers can cause issues).
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