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Thread: Configuring network of 3 XBees (Series 1)

  1. Configuring network of 3 XBees (Series 1)


    I am using XBees for the first time, and I want to configure two XBees (say T1 and T2) to transmit data to another R3. I am using the XBees with the XBee Pro Shield and Arduino Uno boards. I have already configured T1 and R3 to communicate by AT commands in PuTTY.

    T1 is connected to a temperature sensor MLX90614, and sends this data wireless to R3. I want T2 to be configured in the same way. In the Arduino forum, I discussed this that API mode would be more suited to this application. R3 should communicate with T1 and T2 only sending pilot signals on when to transmit because I wouldn't want data collision

    I would appreciate it if anyone could guide me on this. I am not able to find an reference on how to configure these in the manner I want. Earlier, I had programmed T1 and R3 in AT mode taking guidance from a video on YouTube by Jeremy Blum on this. But that only explained point-to-point, now I need to configure for point-to-multipoint.

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    Re: Configuring network of 3 XBees (Series 1)

    I have used Series 1s for quite awhile now. Some of them in Serial lne replacement mode. Example Trossen robots who use the Arbotix Commander to control them. But I also have several of them I use in API mode. To do so, first thing you need to do is to have an XBee manual near by. I have coppies online plus I have a printed copy that is pretty worn out. One of them that I use is located at:

    There are others as well.

    To enter into API mode you need to issue the ATAP command with an argument of 1 or 2, depending on option. Something like:
    ATAP 1 <CR>

    Once you are in command mode, you then need code on both sides that generate the correct data packet. The format of the packets is described in the document I mentioned. When you build a packet to transmit (I use the 16 bit TX packet), part of the packet contains the ID of the XBee you are trying to send to (What in serial mode would be in DL register). On the other side, when it receives a packet (RX packet 16 bit address), the received packet will contain the XBee ID who sent the packet (MY register on the XBee who sent it). So your code on that side can see who sent the data.

    Not sure if you need for your R3 to send anything to T1 and T2 as the XBees themself should take care of collision. Both T1 and T2 will get an TX status packet back to let them know if the packet was received at the other side...

    I do have code that does this for the DIY remote and the like, which may help or not... Some of the code is up on github... - DIY XBee code base has also test program that receives data... (in the Phoenix_Input_DiyXBee directory)

    Probably others as well. Note; you may also find other examples up on the net that does not have all of the baggage around it that mine does.
    LIke Arduino XBee library? (ttps://

    Hope that helps


  3. Re: Configuring network of 3 XBees (Series 1)

    Could I do this in AT mode? Maybe its not the best but I already programmed two XBees (Series 1) giving them addresses of 1000 and 1001 and sending the temperature data of one to the other. I am not sure if reconfiguring those in API is going to be a trouble for me.

    ATAP 1 <CR>
    For which XBee do I type this? My idea is to configure the XBees to communicate with each other except T1 and T2 shouldn't be able to communicate with each other.

    After that I thought I could connect T1 and T2 (through shields) to the Arduino board having my temperature (T1) and hall sensor (T2) sending the data from the boards through the XBee to the other Xbee and board.


    Could I do this in AT mode like below? :

    On T1 I use:
    ATDL1000 // address of receiver
    On T2 I use:

    On R3 I use:

    ATDLFFFF // broadcasting

    I read in the Arduino forum that ATDLFFFF is for broadcasting. So, I was thinking I could broadcast the pilot signal on when T1 and T2 should transmit their data. If this is a very complicated way to do it could you tell me more about the API commands. How to I configure the three to communicate in the way required? The code for acquiring sensor data is done by code in the Arduino board, but I require it to be sent wireless after that.

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