Hi guys. Been a while.

I recently have come into possession of a Rovio (by Wowee) telepresence robot. I found out that I could not set the robot up using Windows 7 (I believe mine is 64bit) because of some USB incompatibilities, so I set the robot up using my older Windows XP laptop. I had the ip address set so that I could only see and control the bot in my wifi range and locally under my network.

This is where it got interesting. I punched in the local ip address in my Win7 laptop and was able to see the video and control the bot at first. I then had to charge the bot so I had it on the charging base till the battery level showed fully charged when I saw it through my browser. But then, I went to the same IP address on my Win7 laptop and was able to control the movements, move the viewer (up/down) and even take a picture (and see an actual picture), but.... no video.

I looked at a few sights and they say something about an add on I need to install. That didn't work either for Win7.

Anyone have a Rovio that is able to have the video work under Win7 or Vista (64 bit)?

If this is an old subject that was already discussed, please send me a link to the discussion. If it is, I couldn't find it.
Thanks in advance for your help.