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Thread: Arbotix sketch to center a servo

  1. Arbotix sketch to center a servo

    Is there a sketch out there to just center a servo? Or some documentation on using the servo library that will define all the functions? I have all the libraries, but havent found documentation on it...

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    Re: Arbotix sketch to center a servo

    You can use Dynamanager to control single servos at a time (only one actually hooked up to the ArbotiX) plus set ID's, etc.

    In the test servo section, click 'center servo' after following the connection steps.

    DynaManager learn.trossen page:

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    Re: Arbotix sketch to center a servo

    Also not sure how you are setup. But when I first start out on projects like setting up the PhantomX Hexapod, I quite often do some quick and dirty test programs to help me figure things out. I also keep adding things in it as I need it, like the ability to see some status on the servos or reset an id of a servo...

    I have at least one version of such a program up on github:

    It is setup for the IDs associated with servos of a Hexapod, but have some generic commands, like move all servos to their zero point...


  4. Re: Arbotix sketch to center a servo

    Ill check those tips out, thanks!

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