I recently (July 24, 2014) purchased ten OpenCM9.04-B microcontrollers from Trossen Robotics. The maximum binary size is 118000 bytes. However, programs larger than about 57328 bytes overflow the ROM. This issue seems to have been discovered back in April.

A user at the above link supposedly provided a fix, which I tried on one of my boards. It rendered the board useless (I have to use emergency recovery mode every time I want to upload a new sketch from the ROBOTIS_OpenCM_1.0.2 IDE on OS X).
The available memory is important to my application (fast lookup table computations). Because these boards were newly in stock from Trossen Robotics, I assumed that this significant issue would have been fixed.

Has anyone successfully updated the firmware on this board on any OS? Is there any information on boards that come with revised firmware at this point (and what version it is – surprisingly ROBOTIS doesn't provide any change logs for it's firmware updates) or getting Trossen or other to replace/update the boards?