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Thread: ROS Os with Unity Engine - Possible

  1. Exclamation ROS Os with Unity Engine - Possible

    Has anyone done ROS (Robot OS) integration with Unity?

    Unity is working on Linux Ubuntu:

    The ROS Os with Unity Engine Would be Amaizing!!!!!!

    The Gazebo simulation environment is very bad, i used many times, so i can say it..... even Morse is much batter...

    But Unity has many functions with ROS OS, we could creat Realistic Simulation Environemnets, Better 3D mapping, and it has integrated professional Physic engines etc.

    Please Answer Guys!
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  2. Re: ROS Os with Unity Engine - Possible

    Industrial Robot Manipulator in Unity Engine + Programming:

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  3. Re: ROS Os with Unity Engine - Possible

    Realistin Environment and Physics + Quadrocopter:

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