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Thread: Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

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    Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

    I'm here for not so long and one of the first things to post on this forum is: I would like to ask you for a small favor.

    I'm close to finishing design of a controller box for RC servos which should be done in a few weeks and I was wondering if you guys and gals could answer a few questions and help me make it even better.

    I've been working on this controller during August and am wraping up the design in a week or two so I can have prototypes shipped to me before Halloween.

    It will be able to control 16 servos, will have power supply for servos, USB connection to PC with Java and C/C++ programming interface, UART connection for the same interface. There will be a simple software for Win/Mac/Linux that can be used to control servos and write and run control scripts in Lua.

    Now, I need your help here. Before I wrap up everything and send it off for prototype manufacturing I want to make sure that I've covered as much as there can be. Basically I would like to maximize return for money paid for prototypes (it's never cheap

    That's where you come in. Please take a few minutes and just let me know, out of top of your head:

    A) What would you put in/on this servo controller based on your experience/desires:

    B) As far as electronics go, what would be the number one thing (or two...) you would put on this servo controller board? (uSD card? 32 servo connectors? LCD? pot to control servo position? anything...)

    C) As far as PC software goes, what would be that most important function (or functions to implement? (scripting? mouse control? saving settings? graphs? whatever...)

    Of course, if there's anything else you would like to write about servo controller(s), please do )

    "Everybody needs a hobby"
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    Re: Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

    Btw, this is for standard, analog R/C servos.
    I'm building animatronic dinosaur for Halloween and intend to use it for that at first and later on for other projects that have R/C servos in it.
    "Everybody needs a hobby"
    Tony Stark

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    Re: Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

    Why not just buy something like the SSC-32? That plus an FTDI cable would get you control over 32 R/C servos with text and binary control methods (max rate of 115200bps 8N1 with default firmware).
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    Re: Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

    Reading current on each servo could be really useful.

    A couple of Digital/Analog inputs and maybe some digital outputs that are accessible from the software could be handy.

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    Re: Finishing up servo controller and I need a small favor...

    Thanks for the comments, really appreciate it!

    I'm aware of commercial solutions like Lynxmotion or "32 Channel Servo motor USB UART Controller+wireless PS2 controller/ROBOT Arduino" you can find on eBay or Pololu servo controllers and others.

    It's that I already had all the pieces for this controller from my other projects (hardware, firmware, software), except for PWM part of the firmware, but that was easy to write.
    And then I guess the builder in me just couldn't resist to put all that together, so I did it

    Now, I'm going to get 10 prototypes manufactured. So I thought: why not maximize return and add something to it that I didn't think of now but might need later in some other project?
    And that's why I'm asking for your opinion and advice, two (or more) heads are always smarter than just one, eh?
    "Everybody needs a hobby"
    Tony Stark

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