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Thread: CM-530 controller issue

  1. CM-530 controller issue

    I am running a bioloid premium robot. It was working fine, but now things have gone very odd. When I use RoboPlus Motion to view the "Pose of Robot" (after enabling the torque) many of the values are 0 (id 1,3,4,6,12...). However, if I use RoboPlus Manager, I can see the correct positions. When I start the robot in "Play" mode, he assumes the start position, but if I try to make him move, he enters a really contorted pose - probably like the ids seen earlier with many zeros.
    I have updated the firmware (1.1979) and reloaded the motion file. Any other ideas on how to reset things?


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    Re: CM-530 controller issue

    Can you go through each servo ID in RoboPlus Manager and manually move the servo to make sure it is responding correctly?

  3. Re: CM-530 controller issue

    Yes, setting the position via RoboPlus Manager works, and also the initial position works. Now I am suspecting a funky motion offset because when I move motor 0 to a bigger position, the value becomes non-zero but small. Just need to work out how to get the correct values back.

  4. Re: CM-530 controller issue

    I managed to reset the page offsets from the offsets menu. They all appeared "0", but the program did not send the values to the robot until either I wiggled the values or hit the initialize button - I did both and one of them fixed the problem.

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