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Thread: Differences between Global Specialties R700 and Dagu 6DOF Robot Arm?

  1. Question Differences between Global Specialties R700 and Dagu 6DOF Robot Arm?

    I have been looking for an inexpensive and durable robot arm for use in educational presentations. I ran across Global Specialties R700 Vector Robotic Arm ( ) for about $400 US and Dagu 6DOF Robotic Arm ( ) for about $275 US.

    The R700 appears to come in kit form, and to have a more versatile control board, additional software options, USB programming, and a power supply. The Dagu appears to come pre-assembled, have an RS-232 interface, no software, and no power supply.

    But, in terms of size and construction, they appear to be almost identical.

    Does anyone know of additional differences between these two products? Is the R700 a repackaged, value-added version of the Dagu arm, or is the R700 arm mechanically superior as well?


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    Re: Differences between Global Specialties R700 and Dagu 6DOF Robot Arm?

    Have you looked at Trossen's arm in that price range?

  3. Re: Differences between Global Specialties R700 and Dagu 6DOF Robot Arm?

    Yes, but I was looking for 6DOF, if possible. That's what drew me to the R700 and Dagu arms.

  4. Re: Differences between Global Specialties R700 and Dagu 6DOF Robot Arm?

    I decided to ask this question of Global Specialties (the R700 folks), and got the following response. Thought I would share what they said here, if anyone else is wondering about the differences between the R700 and the Dagu arm:

    "Glad you asked! There are several important differences:
    • Customer support. Global Specialties is a real company here in Yorba Linda, CA.
      We are here ready to help you with any problems or questions you might
      have with the robot. You can even call me on the phone if you like!
      714-221-9330. And our product carries a 1-year warranty. Dagu on the
      other hand is in China. You will be left without support.
    • Documentation. Our product has a very comprehensive 64-page manual on the CD that
      comes with it. With Dagu you may or may not get a manual, and if you do,
      it will likely only be in Chinese.
    • Our CD comes with the manual, downloader software, example programs, programming tools,
      images, and much much more. These things can cost you so much more
      additional money. With the Dagu arm do they provide the software you
      need to program, upload, and interface with your robot?
    • We offer online documentation and support. Just see our Vector homepage: R700
    • Visit the: Vector Website
    • Our robot arm has custom designed electronics. The metal frame may look the
      same but the PCB and electronics that go with our Vector Robotic Arm
      are custom designed by Global Specialties. You cannot get these anywhere
    • Our robot arm comes with advanced "current overload
      protected servos". This is very important as it is so easy to burn a
      servo on a robot. And can be expensive and time consuming to replace
    • Our robot arm comes pre-loaded with the software to run
      with the keyboard. So right out of the box you can plug in the keyboard
      and start actuating your robot. With theirs you may spend hours trying
      to read a chinese manual and never quite figure out how to run the
      thing. That is if it even comes with all the software you need to run

    So in short, I think the extra money you will spend on a Global Specialties product will be well worth it!!"

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