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Thread: TTL communication in Dynamixels?

  1. TTL communication in Dynamixels?

    Hi all, I have a very layman type question. TTL communication is basically between 0 V to 5 V or 3.3 V. But the MX series dynamixels use voltage of 12 v, so what is high voltage here and the low voltage?

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    Re: TTL communication in Dynamixels?

    The motors and internal voltage regulator of dynamixels run off the power line providing 9~14.8V. 12V applied to the data pin is guaranteed to destroy the dynamixel interface of any dynamixel servo.

    The half-duplex UART (data line) of dynamixels operates on 0V(LOW) to 5V(HIGH) signaling. The STM32 inside MX-series and Dynamixel Pro servos run on 3.3V and require level-shifting buffer ICs to permit the STM32 to produce the 5V required by the dynamixel bus 'standard' (and protect itself from damage from the 5V level produced by other devices on the bus). There was a revision of the MX-series control board that was extremely susceptible to damage from over-voltage events, but it appears to have been mostly fixed. Not sure about the MX-series boards, but the fix applied between the CM-900 and CM-904 was moving the ESD protection (actually an EMI filter with built-in ESD protection) to the bus side of the level-shifters instead of having it between the level-shifters and the STM32 where it would do no good in protecting the board from damage.
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