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Thread: Is there an HR-OS5 electronics kit for those who already own Dynamixels?

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    Is there an HR-OS5 electronics kit for those who already own Dynamixels?

    Hello, I have some Dynamixel motors already. I am interested in using the new Intel Edison processor to control these motors. Is there an electronic kit that I could buy so that I could use existing dynamixel motors to make my own HR-OS5? Can I use the MX AT or AR with the kit without any modification? Which type of MX dynamixels is preferred?
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    Re: Is there an HR-OS5 electronics kit for those who already own Dynamixels?

    The easiest way to control Dynamixels from something with USB, is to use a USB to serial bridge. The USB2AX is small and works well.
    (Although it's probably as big as half the Edison, and needs an adapter cable, as it's full-size A.)

    If you're OK with hacking, you can re-purpose some small Atmega 32u6 controller ("Arduino Leonardo Compatible") by wiring some resistors to TX and RX and the TTL bus, and use custom firmware that turns on/off the receiver/transmitter parts of the USART depending on which way you want to speak. I've gone that way, and it's pretty robust.

    Both the USB2AX and the TTL USART options use the -T and -AT versions of the MX servos. The -R/-AR versions require additional driver circuitry that take up more space. However, if you really do need the robustness of differential signalling, then that might still be worth it -- only you can make that call.

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    Re: Is there an HR-OS5 electronics kit for those who already own Dynamixels?

    As jwatte mentioned, you can use the USB2AX to control the AX-servos.

    I currently have a couple of Edisons. One is in the Arduino breakout board and it is currently mounted on my PhantomX Hexapod. I have an XBee shield as well as a TFT display on it.

    I also have an Edison in one of the mini breakout boards, which I believe Trossen is now selling. I have also experimented with AX servos with this one as well again using an USB2AX setup.

    When Trossen releases it, my understanding is that they will use another new board "Arbotix Pro", connected up to the Edison, to control both the AX servos and to handle other IO devices. I believe that this will have an Arm cortex M3 processors in it. In the mean time I may also experiment using one of my Teensy 3.1 breakout boards (Arm Cortex M4 by PJRC), as I like these processors and have controlled AX servos in the past (actually running the whole PhantomX). Trossen now also sells the Teensy 3.1.

    More info and what I have done with Edison, can be found in the thread:

    I will update it soon with pictures of the Edison on the PhantomX...

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