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Thread: What is breakout board?

  1. What is breakout board?

    Excuse me, I have seen this term often. What is breakout board anyway?

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    Re: What is breakout board?

    A very simple printed circuit board (PCB) containing a sensor or some other integrated circuit (IC) and minimal extra components (resistors, capacitors, crystals/resonators; maybe a voltage regulator or level shifter) required to use the sensor/IC with other devices. They are basically meant to experiment with the sensor/IC hardware (build software libraries, verify the sensor meets expectations, etc.) before integrating it into a bigger and more complicated system.
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    Re: What is breakout board?

    It's called "breakout" because it "breaks out" the connectors for a given IC into a format that's easier to work with.
    For example, a TQFP IC is very hard to try to solder to or run wires to; a BGA or similar is practically impossible to use without integrating it into a specific circuit board.
    The "breakout" board breaks out the connections of the IC to a larger, easier-to-work-with format, so you can use the IC with other things like breadboards, Arduinos, crimped wires, etc.

  4. Re: What is breakout board?

    Thanks. So, it is like a mini version of breadboards?

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    Re: What is breakout board?

    Not really. A breadboard is like a circuit board where you can plug in variuos components with wires/leads ("through-hole components") to make a circuit. A breakout board is a circuit board that converts a surface-mount part (that can't be used with breadboards) to a through-hole part (that can often but not always be plugged into a breadboard.)

  6. Re: What is breakout board?

    Thank you.

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