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Thread: USB2AX signed drivers

  1. USB2AX signed drivers

    Hello guys!

    I just signed the USB2AX drivers, yet the guide I used warns that unless it has been tested, there is no certain way to be sure it works on a specific platform.
    Right now, I only have access to Win 7 64bits, and it seems to install OK on the few machines (including one I just installed) I have around. Would any of you mind trying them to see if they actually work as expected everywhere?

    USB2AX windows signed drivers RC 20150105

    I theoretically made it so it's compatible with XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, each one in 32 and 64 bits.

    The only changes to the driver are the version and the signature.

    It should address a problem that made the USB2AX pop up as a Teensy (it has been hypothesized that the Teensy driver being written as a sort of "catch-all", and the old USB2AX being unsigned made the OS prefer the signed "catch-all" one to the unsigned specific one).

    I'll probably package that with a simple installer when I'm reasonably sure it works on most platforms.

    Thanks a bunch guys
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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    Windows 8.1, x64. I right-clicked the "inf" and selected "Install," and it first prompted me (saying it's signed,) and the installed, finishing with an alert saying "the installation completed successfully."
    Unfortunately, the USB2AX I bought two years ago has gone missing, so I can't test that it actually /works/. But it seems to /install/ just fine :-)

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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    Again I am working using windows 7 64 bit and it appears to work!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	USB2ax-not-teensy.jpg 
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    Now no longer shows up as a Teensy.


  4. Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    Cool, thanks guys

    Now, only 8 OS left to test it on
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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    I thought 8 wasn't even available anymore? I thought if you wanted to keep getting updates you had to update to 8.1.

  6. Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinO View Post
    I thought 8 wasn't even available anymore? I thought if you wanted to keep getting updates you had to update to 8.1.
    Maybe, but at some point it has existed and it's bound to still exist on some poor Internet-challenged machine. As such I would be glad to know that it works on it. It's the lowest priority of all though, after XP x64.
    I'll try to find my old laptop that runs XP x86 and if it works I'll go ahead and release, leaving the unsigned one available just in case.
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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    I got this on Windows 10
    Name:  usb2ax_inf_error.jpg
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    But then proceeded through the usual driver install process (restart into a blue settings screen a la: among other tutorials; and disable driver signing checking)
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  8. Re: USB2AX signed drivers


    Hmm I should have a look at that. These have been signed long before win10, and the certificat might need some adjusting.
    I'll have a look at that, please PM me if I haven't done it by the end of the week.
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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    It might be curious to try removing the driver file. Windows 10 added some of the same default USB driver stuff, that other OS's did.

    For example these days, I don't believe you need the driver file for Teensy's on Windows 10

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    Re: USB2AX signed drivers

    Windows updated their driver signing requirements, and signatures based on certificates with certain weaknesses are no longer allowed.

    There are various providers for new certificates, from Comodo at about $69 and up. Start SSL has some packages that are a good value -- 3 year kernel code signing for $199, also includes web servers SSL certificates. They also used to have cheaper options, but I don't see them without logging in on their website.

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