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    I have started working on a project that is a fork of the pyPose controller from Vanadium labs and Michael Ferguson. The project is customized for the phantomX pincher arms design.
    I have most of the pose and sequence editor stuff done, I added positioning calculations to the pose & capture suite.
    Here is a demonstration of my first test video.

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    Looks alright, but I'd rather hear you talk about what you're doing and what each sequence is supposed to show, than hear some random music :-)

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    Thanks, your right it wasn't really a demonstration, it's more of a teaser. After I finish the testing I will post a real demonstration video with commentary.

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    test 2 drawing text with robot.

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    I have finished initial testing and the source code can be downloaded from github here: check out the README file for required python packages.
    and usage video:

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