I just wanted to say Hello to everyone here.
This is my first post here so I want to tell you about me.
I am an extreem VB/.net programmer I design all my own software for running my robots.
I currently have two robots.
RoboServant-Is a PC based robot that is using a Motion Computing tablet for the brain and has a Veyron Servo controller attached to it. Roboservant is able to detect object, distances, motion, faces(facial Recognition), follows colors and is able to carry on some conversation. RoboServant uses 4 Continuous rotation servos for its drive and has a logictech c270 cam for vision. Roboservant is powered by a 6V nicad pack and can run for up to 2 hours. ROboservant has two hands and is able to grasp onto Soda can or a glass of water and has a tray for carrying a plate of food or small amounts of laundry.

RoboPed- Is a Biped Walking robot that uses the MG995 servos and is all built out of plastic, currently he has 6 servos in the legs and one for the head which is a camera. He runs on a Windows 8.1, 8" tablet and uses a Veyron Servo Controller. When finished will be able to detect color, motion,distances,object, talk and carry small objects like a pencil or slightly larger.

I look forward to hearing from you all and once I get things rolling here I will post pictures and videos.