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  1. Smile Looking for Small Board

    I am new here and would like to know if anyone could recommend a small board that will run a Windows OS on it.
    Currently I am using a WIndows 8 tablet for my Biped and would like to find something lighter.

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    Re: Looking for Small Board

    The Intel NUC is a pretty good choice.
    You can get it without the case, which makes it very small.

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    What about the Rasperry PI 2, Microsoft is supposed to release Windows 10 for it.

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    Re: Looking for Small Board

    I guess the question is whether you want something that runs right away, or you can wait a long while.
    Also, Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi will not run x64/x64-based windows programs and SDKs.

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    Re: Looking for Small Board

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    Re: Looking for Small Board

    If you believe a 400 Mhz single-core in-order CPU, without a display, is enough to run Windows, then yes.
    I'd rather pay $100 more and get a NUC. Your mileage may vary :-)

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    Re: Looking for Small Board

    Yep - I was saying if you are looking for a windows 10 like Raspberry Pi... Then it might work, especially if you are putting it on a biped...

    Myself? I have one to experiment with. As for NUC, I have an i5 version, which is nice. Has not made it onto a robot yet. But probably cost more like 400-500$ after you add on memory, end eMMC disk, plus wifi/bt module. I currently use it as my secondary machine, and I run Ubuntu 14.04

    Also most NUCs need specialize voltage, where you run a DC to DC converter for something like 19.6v. I did see at least one announced on LinuxGizmos that looked like it had a reasonable range of voltages, that you could probably hook up directly to 3s Lipo, It also looked like it had some digital IO pins as well. but not sure if those are out yet or which one. I think the one mentioned back then was a celeron version.

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