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Thread: Robust communication between Python and Xbee?

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    Re: Robust communication between Python and Xbee?

    If the python xbee library/object is at all intelligent
    Have you proven that this is true? Read the code?

    If you use TX/RX/GND wires instead of the Xbee modules to communicate between both ends, does it work without getting stuck?

    Does the Python library receive any data at all? The bug could be that the Xbee stops receiving data for some reason (channel/ID/destination mis-match?) or it could be that the library loses sync and doesn't see a good packet.

    Do you have a logic analyzer or oscilloscope to put on the Xbee input/output serial lines?

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    Re: Robust communication between Python and Xbee?

    Quote Originally Posted by jwatte View Post
    Have you proven that this is true? Read the code?
    Have not downloaded the xbee library to check it.

    If the xbee library/object it is not intelligent enough to keep pulling data from the serial buffer until it finds a complete message/packet or it times out, then the best solution is to completely discard the input buffer before sending anything to the nodes rather than clearing it after an attempt to read the node's response message. If you clear after a timeout, more of the response message/packet could arrive after you clear the buffer but before you send the next poll_node message, and that would then corrupt the next received node response message/packet.
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