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Thread: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

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    Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Yesterday Arduino released 1.6.0 version of Arduino IDE. This version is going to replace both the 1.0.x line as well as the 1.5.x line.

    It would be great if all of the hardware manufactures would convert their stuff to work on this new official release, such that I don't need 3-4 (or more if you count mpide, robotis, ..) different versions of the IDE on each machine.

    I know the Paul of PJRC (Teensy), will be converting their stuff over to this release. My guess Intel will take a long long time to migrate (still on 1.5.3). But what about Arbotix?

    Earlier on some of the 1.5.x versions, I had my own board definitions, that did not require any duplicated code. The performance of the Serial classes on Arduino appeared to have improved enough that you did not have to roll your own. Assuming that Trossen has not already done so, I will probably soon look into converting what I did for the 1.5.x release and migrate it to 1.6.0. I believe the file/library structures were modified since I last did this, so it might be awhile as I am having fun looking at other processors. Like a new beta firmware for Intel Edison, playing with an Odroid C1, and receiving a new prototype Teensy 3.1LC (lower cost teensy M0...), and hopefully spending some time soon looking at some Arbotix Pro stuff.

    Hopefully Arbotix Pro will release using the 1.6.0 as well.


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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    It would be great if all of the hardware manufactures would convert their stuff to work on this new official release, such that I don't need 3-4 (or more if you count mpide, robotis, ..) different versions of the IDE on each machine.
    I honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart, without irony, wish you good luck with that!
    Because that would be awesome for me, too!

    Meanwhile, I'm preparing a fourth folder where I can keep 1.6, side-by-side with 1.5 and 1.0.6 and ROBOTIS_CM.

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?


    FYI - PJRC (Teensy) - has just put out a beta for this. posting #46. He is also in the middle of beta testing new board (teensy LC) and porting/checking as many libraries as possible against this (Arm Cortex M0+)....

    I also uploaded a new branch on my Arbotix fork for 1.6. Note: in this branch I only define one new board type. It no longer creates a duplicate (old) copy of the AVR code base as the Serial classes were improved a lot in the 1.5x branch of Arduino. As part of this I also included a copy of my BioloidSerial class, which simply uses Serial1 object... I have not tested it yet with the 1.6 other than to verify if I put this in my hardware branch it shows up and I can choose it and compile a blink program. Will try to play with it some over the next few days/weeks, but busy with Teensy and Edison...

    Again I have not fleshed out everything here. Hoping that new Arbotix Pro will work like Teensy stuff ...

    jwatte - I completely agree. I have 1.06, 1.6, 1.53 (intel 1.0.4), mpide, Robotis, ..... But I think there is hope as I thought I saw on the Arduino Developers mail list, that the mpide people who have been stuck on a version of Arduino 0023 for years now were going to have a beta of 1.6 sometime soon...

    As for Intel - I am not holding my breath.

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Quick update: Arduino has now release 1.6.1.

    PJRC has now release Teensyduino 1.21 ( which now supports Arduino 1.05, 1.06, 1.6.0, 1.61. Likewise they have released the new Teensyduino LC -

    I have not yet seen any updates for MPIDE or Intel (Edison...)..

    I have not done any new testing with arbotix under 1.6.x...

    However as 1.6.1 is the now official release, I personally will do any Arduino development that I do using this as my default. Exception is Intel, which ...

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Thanks for the update Kurt. I'll see if I get time to test it on PhantomX again. I'm using visual micro and visual studio instead of the Arduino IDE.
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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Hi Kare,

    I will have to admit, I have not done much recently with AVR processors including the Arbotix. My desire to get Arbotix to the 1.6 branch of Arduino, is that the way I am doing it there is no Arbotix specific code. The only Thing needed is a board definition, which shows which pins are connected to what. My Bioloid libraries use the standard Hardware serial code which has been improved over the 1.0.x Arduino code base. They have also improved some of the other things of the code base as well...

    As for Teensy, I still have a lot of fun with them. Currently still do most stuff with the Arduino IDE, however most of the time I am working with libraries, so I use some external editor, currently Programmers Notepad or Geni. I have kept up doing it this was as most others starting out do... But prefer others. Also have Avr Studio installed which is based on VS.

    With Edison, I am using Eclipse which is pretty nice, especially setup to do code level debugging over wifi. When I was (and will again) playing with Odroid C1, I was experimenting with VisualGDB, which looks nice. My trial period is over and I should decide if to go that way or to get it with with Eclpse or ...

    But I am a little off my topic here.

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Just an FYI...

    Over the last couple of days I installed Arduino 1.6.6, which added a few nice features, like finally the ability to go to a specific line number (ctrl+L),

    But with this new build everytime I did a compile I would see warning messages about my conversion of the Arbotix build, as they have changed some of the settings within boards.txt and platform.txt...

    So I investigated a little. I now more or less patterned these files off of some of the Adafruit definition files and I believe I removed most of these warnings.

    Also this build included a newer tool chain and now lines like:
    const static uint8_t SS   = 4;
    Started to give compiler warnings.

    It instead wants:
    static const uint8_t SS   = 4;
    So I also updated the pins_arduino.h file to remove these warnings.

    I updated my Arduino 1.6 branch of the Arbotix project with these changes.

    I also verified I could still build my PhantomX hexapod program while using my version of the Bioloid library that has been updated to simply allow me to pass in a pointer to the underlying serial object instead of hard coded to the Arbotix implemented Serial 1 object...

    what would be nice is to:

    Update the Main Bioloid library to use my version or something similar and verify that all of the PhantomX code base run on it.
    Then maybe have these libraries installed as a hardware specific library.

    Then package all of this stuff up, the same way that for example Adafruit does:

    Where it builds up a zip file with the complete install file, such that you can then potentially go to the Arduino IDE, update a setting in preferences to a URL to install from, and then in the board manager, you can install, update or remove the board support directly from the IDE...

    Adafruit has nice instructions showing users how to do this:

    But that is probably wishful thinking.

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Another quick update.

    I made changes today to the actual bioloid library to make it hopefully work without having to make edits to the code.

    Actually these days not sure where the official Nuke based Hexapod/Quad code is located. But I ran into issues where the current code does not compile properly with the current Arduino compilers.

    The compiler gets confussed:
    C:\Users\Kurt\AppData\Local\Temp\build94fe36e6f79726534c82637a947c544a.tmp\sketch\gaits.h: In function 'ik_req_t SmoothGaitGen(int)':
    gaits.h:105: error: unable to find a register to spill in class 'POINTER_REGS'
    gaits.h:105: error: this is the insn:
    (insn 489 488 490 27 (set (reg:HI 26 r26)
            (reg/f:HI 134 [ .result_ptr ])) C:\Users\Kurt\AppData\Local\Temp\build94fe36e6f79726534c82637a947c544a.tmp\sketch\gaits.h:104 82 {*movhi}
    C:\Users\Kurt\AppData\Local\Temp\build94fe36e6f79726534c82637a947c544a.tmp\sketch\gaits.h:105: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
    I updated the function some, that appears to make the compiler happy.

    I included a zip file with the updated code. I also temporarily hooked up an Arbotix Pro to my PhantomX and uploaded using a programmer and it appears like things are probably working... Note: I had to hang another servo off of my Robot as Servo 1 is now #19 on my robot and the code hangs if Servo 1 does not return a voltage over 10V...

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?


    Warning these days I only keep the current version of Arduino on my system(s), which currently is 1.6.7. Actually this is a slight fib. Sometimes I wait until Paul of PJRC has a version of Teensyduino for the new version before I convert. But that is usually done within a few days maybe a week after Arduino makes a release...

    So these days I never check to see if stuff works on the old versions of Arduino like 1.0.6.

    So for example if you download my current versions of Phantom_Phoenix from github, I have no idea if it will build or not on the older versions of Arduino.

    What I do test on is my fork of the Arbotix project with the Arduino 1.6 branch

    Again you need to do the standard arbotix stuff of putting, the hardware branch in the correct location, likewise the libraries.

    Hopefully this branch will migrate back into the Trossen fork, with updated instructions....

    Or better yet, updated to work with the Arduino board manager, like the Adafruit products do, such that you simply have to add a URL into the board manager and can use it to install and when necessary update the hardware stuff as well as libraries...

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    Re: Support for Arduino 1.6.0?

    Quote Originally Posted by KurtEck View Post
    Or better yet, updated to work with the Arduino board manager, like the Adafruit products do, such that you simply have to add a URL into the board manager and can use it to install and when necessary update the hardware stuff as well as libraries...
    I clearly haven't had the need to use Arduino 1.6+ yet but this new board manager sounds like it could be helpful.
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