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Thread: New robot question and Intel Edison

  1. New robot question and Intel Edison

    Hi all,

    The last time I built a robot was back when HeathKit made the Hero 2000 and I was 10 so it's been a really long time since I've done anything like that again. Now I want to get back into robotics and this time building a humanoid one like the Darwin-OP or the Intel "Jimmy" one. I have an electrical engineer background along with all the tools so I am very comfortable building out circuits.

    I'm thinking of starting small first like with the smaller Jimmy version that uses the AX-12A servos and the Intel Edison processor. I would like to develop the robot with a webcam for it to do some object recognition, like the darwin in soccer mode, and was wondering: can the Edison handle this? I'm not looking to do facial recognition (at least yet) and I know that requires a lot of processing power but can the edison handle say tracking a certain color object with a webcam?

    I just got my hands on an edison with the mini break out board and it's a really cool unit. I've used a Raspberry Pi in the past for other small projects and getting programs on that and compile was straight forward. Since this is my first experience with the edison, I was wondering if anyone had any good links to "How To's" for it? I have the HR-OS1 framework from Github and now I am trying to see how to get it onto the Edison chip to compile it so I can poke around. Do you simply copy the files to the storage location of the Edison and compile as you normally do on and standard Linux OS (make, make install, etc) or do you need to re-compile the OS that comes with the Edison chip along with the framework and then dump it back onto the Edison?

    Sorry, I know these questions may seem trivial to all of you seasoned people out there but I want to make sure I have everything planned out before diving into this project, measure twice cut once.


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    Re: New robot question and Intel Edison

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    Re: New robot question and Intel Edison

    Three ways to use Edison:

    The Arduino IDE - More setup for Arduino breakout board. I have partial setup for mini boards, waiting on Intel to see if what their next Arduino release is... I know wishful thinking but would be nice if it was setup for Arduino 1.6.1...

    You can compile directly on the Edison. If using windows use something like PuTTY and WinSCP, to download files to Edison and then run the gcc compiler native...

    Or the most fun way is using Eclipse. Several ways to install their setup for this. See the page:

    If you use windows 64 bit, there is an integrated installer that will install all of these. There are also tutorials up on that site that shows a build process for using eclipse as well as the Arduino way.

  4. Re: New robot question and Intel Edison

    Thanks KurtEck. I have my Edison all setup and on WiFi, I guess my mistake was that I thought I could just copy all the files onto the Edison to the partition that mounted when it was connected to my PC.

    I have the Mini break out board. For some reason, a lot of commands are not recognized like "dir" or "cd", is there additional installations that I need to do to get those basic functions like Bash? Also, from what I read, a lot of the developer pieces are pre-installed like c++, make, that correct?

    I already have WinSCP and Putty installed as I do other work on some Ubuntu boxes, I've been using Putty for the Edison but have not tried WinSCP yet, I'll give that a try.

    Any word on how the Edison will hold up with object tracking using a webcam? I've seen countless projects using sensors for obstacle avoidance but so far, none with object tracking.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: New robot question and Intel Edison

    The partition that is created when you connect to your pc through USB is mainly used to copy down new images... Or I think you may be able to access it from Linux through some link... May have to mount...

    I normally Putty in. I have a putty configuration for the debug terminal as well as the wifi. I often only use the debug one, when my network starts to screw up and maybe changes my IP address...

    I use Winscp to download the files and then do a make. Some of the steps I often do when flashing a new image are included in the post:
    It shows things like, how to make sure MRAA is up to date, also how to setup to be able to install lots of other things not in the official release.

    as for commands. cd should work, but dir is not a linux command, you should use ls instead. I don't think bash is installed, don't remember the name of their command interpreter. So .bashrc won't run. You can put stuff in the file .profile

    As for webcam and tracking, Not sure, have not done anything like that yet.


  6. Re: New robot question and Intel Edison

    Thanks again for all the info!

    BTW, I've always used dir when using Linux, I guess just a habit as I take care of both Windows and Linux environment. I'm not sure why no other commands work (like cd), the only commands I can run on the Edison are the Edison configure commands. When I do though, I'm always connected to the Edison through the Com port using Putty and both USB cables are connected to the PC, not sure if that's the issue.

    I'll keep poking around and see what I come up with.

    I'm more curious about the object tracking using the Edison and if it will be powerful enough. I'll assume so since the Darwin-OP used a FitPC which I think had an Atom processor as well? I could be wrong.

    Thanks again.

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