Hello all,
I'm new to everything robotics but I've spent this entire day researching Trossen Servo motors but my research is inconclusive given my limited knowledge of things such as these so I've come to y'all for help. Please forgive my ignorance on the subject.

I'm looking into the possibility of building a robotic arm that can extend roughly 36 inches, remove a 3 pound object from, say, a shelf, and then lower that object to the floor. It doesn't necessarily have to lift the object vertically but it does have to have the ability to lower it to the floor. The Arm would also have to have the ability to grasp that same 3 pound object, bring it close to the Arms' body, and hold it there while waiting for the appropriate time to deliver the cargo to the floor.

My question is, will any of the servos that Trossen makes be able to bear the weight of such an object at the 36" distance required to perform that task and do it countless of millions of times?

Thank you for any insight you care to offer.