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Thread: HR-OS1 Documentation

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    HR-OS1 Documentation

    Click here to go to the HR-OS1 Wiki / Getting Started Guide

    We are currently in the process of fleshing out the information and projects, but we have the getting started guides and videos ready to go.

    In the future we will be moving getting strated guides to and keeping the wiki for more code/developer related information.

    If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions about the documentation (including minor errors) please make a post in this thread.

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Hi, this must be the place? The raspberry pi's are dead in the water, until you post the Dependencies so we can compile the Framework code or you post a image file to flash to a SD. Oh boy just been inforemed the kit comes with a pre installed SD. Yea!
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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    The Dependencies for the ps3 and compiling the Framework are :
    sudo apt-get install bluez-utils bluez-compat bluez-hcidump libusb-dev libbluetooth-dev joystick
    from the Interbotix/HROS5-Framework web page. This is nice as i like to use my larger SD.
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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Thanks, I tried building it on the RPI2 I have and was able to build the framework with the mentioned sudo apt-get ... stuff.

    Also for the fun of it, I grabbed my Odroid C1 board, which has Ubuntu 14.04 installed, plus ROS, PC... (Robotics Addition), and did the git clone of the stuff onto it, and the framework built with no errors.


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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    The assemby guide says to only use 2S 7.4V batteries, yet the included battery is 3S 11.1V (and, generally, that's what I use with AX-12s)

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Any idea when some skins might get posted. The post on the wiki web page goes to a broken link or there not up yet? I'm into build now ;-)
    Man this has a Bioloid Type A feel to it.
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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Thanks for the catch jwatte, I think we used the warning from the HR-Os5 guide, which uses two 2-cell lipos.

    LloydF, we're cleaning up some of the 3d files. I'm hoping that they'll be ready some time next week.

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    IN the begining of the documentation it mentions using sudo make all for the darwin.a file. if you do that you must then use sudo make all for all the sub projects like dxl_monitor and the others. the subprojects instructions don't have sudo in front of the make all lines.

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    hum, the only project files that seems to be missing are the ps3-demo folder, on the Raspberry's.
    I re-compiled and everything is there all the folders and demos with one exception. The project folder rme is missing something in the make file are not compiling correctly on the raspberry's. LOL no main.cpp in the folder.
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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    My package arrived yesterday

    Still undecided which way I will go for the main CPU, but thought I would go through an setup both boards, so I can decide as I go.

    First pass Edison, since I have a bit more current experience with the Edison:

    Not sure how much to talk about here, but over the last several months have run into some gotchas with Edison. Example if your home network is setup (like mine) where your addresses are: 192.168.2.x, you wifi with the Edison won't work as their USB network driver interferes. There are a couple of ways to fix it, I do it by editing their USB configuration file (/etc/systemd/network/ I have a cheat sheet up on the Intel Edison Forums on the things that I do on boards after I flash a new image:

    The image comes with the editor vi. Intel does not have a real complete repository of apps, but there is a non official one run by an Intel employee(Alext), which includes things like nano... Again instructions for how to set that up are included in the thread I mentioned.

    Likewise with the image that was shipped with the Edison, the Boot partition has a lot more room physically allocated to it than the partition shows. When I first started configuring this Edison, the command df shows the /boot partition is 92% full. After I go through the steps (from AlexT's blog, but I copied steps into my thread), the /boot partition is now 16% full.

    Side comment: There are many up here who know a lot more linux than I do, but probably many who know less. Might help to have some type of link to something like linux for dummies, so they can find out about common commands like: cd, ls, cp, rm, pwd...

    Also I think you are doing a great job with these instructions! Can not wait to get started to actually build.

    I am always torn on how much information or alternative ways to state. Example with the instructions on setting up using a linux machine, there are instructions to use: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
    Which is great, it then states if this fails, try it using: sudo screen ...

    Alternative to this, is to make sure you have access to the device. So what I have done is: ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0
    This shows that device is in the group dialout.

    I then make sure that I am a member of the group dialout: groups kurt
    Obviously change the name from kurt to ...
    If I am not a member I add it: sudo adduser kurt dialout

    But again it is often hard to know how much of this type stuff to talk about.


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