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Thread: HR-OS1 Documentation

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    I just recieved my HR-OS1 and layed out all the part... but I'm stuck. My HR-OS1 kit came with three vials of Turbo-Fuse instead of Turbo-Lock. The directions call for Turbo-Fuse. Be sure you check which one you have, the Turbo-Fuse vials are very similar looking to the Turbo-Lock vials. Turbo-Fuse is instant glue. Turbo-Lock is thread locker.


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    Hi Mike,
    Sorry for the mix up. For the HR-OS1, you do want to use Turbo-fuse. I'll be updating the guide today.

    We switched to Turbofuse as we found the turbo-lock can damage the plastic plates we use.

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Hi all. Just downloaded the latest framework and everything compiled correctly even all the sub-folders compile on the raspberry's.
    Now to to see what does what ;-)

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    I'm also having issues with sixpair on Edison.

    [email protected]:~/HROS1-Framework/Linux/project/ps3_demo/sixpair# ./sixpair_edison
    ./sixpair_edison: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [email protected]:~/HROS1-Framework/Linux/project/ps3_demo/sixpair# ./sixpair_edison
    ./sixpair_edison: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [email protected]:~/HROS1-Framework/Linux/project/ps3_demo/sixpair#

    Looks like Kurt manually installed the dependancies and recompiled. Is there another way?


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    We're looking into this

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Yes - I built a version, which at least executes. I have not fully tested it out yet, but in case anyone want's to give it a full try, I uploaded the built file in the enclosed zip file.


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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Yes, it's alive! The Hros1 is running on my raspberrypi and it's so beautiful. Only did the ps3 demos so far. Love the pan and tilt on the head good job. Only problem i had was on the arm servo offset's, just loosened the screws and re-tightened were it wanted zero to be in the sitting position. They are all Zero to start on the build (Notches all lined up) right?

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    Kurt, thanks for the zip. I copied it over and tried it, but it says permision denied. I'll fiddle with it some more tomorrow.

    I poked around a little more tonight (pun intended if you follow the link). I found the following but it is all Greek to me, perhaps someone can make some sense of it:
    Last edited by Mike.; 04-26-2015 at 09:40 PM.

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    My HROS1 is all built using the Edison. I've named him Adam. He can sit, stand, and get ready to walk... or he used to be able to.

    I noticed that he leans forward quite alot in the init pose. I tried to fix it and messed it up somehow. Now when I play the init page it does nothing, until I change to the sit page, play it, and then go back to the init page... at which time he lurches forward as fast as he can in at attempt to be in the ready walk pose... wierd. When i type the save command, it doesn't actually save my pose modification in rde, not sure what is going on there. I'm sure this is pilot error somehow.

    ---edit ---
    Yep, pilot error. When you copy an index over from 7 it zeros out the time (speed). I changed the time to 200 and it worked great.

    I got him walking (wiggling/wobbling?!?). I had fun playing with the parameters and I look forward to diving into this more later.

    Below are some notes/corrections/suggestions I made during the build:

    In Step 19, second bullet: I had to use M2x8's, the 6's were too short.
    In Step 19, the pictures for the P5 plate show the power switch slot to the wrong side if you are building it with the plates having the rough side up. If you build it with the rough side up, the on/off positions will be correct for the slot keying (opposite of what is show in the Step 19 pics).
    In Step 19, 3rd bullet: The M3x8 button head screw doesn't have many threads left after you stack three M3 washers on it. I put the washers on the other side of the standoff and used a longer socket head.
    In Step 19, 4th bullet: I used two small strips of double-sided tape to make sure the delrin shim does not sag. Likely completely unnessisary.
    In Step 19, 8th bullet: Directions call out 4 M3x8 button heads... pictures show 2 button heads and 2 sockets. I followed the picture, either method would appear to work.
    Step 19, 9th bullet: If you decide to put the M3 washer on the other side of the standoff, here would be the place to call them out... along with 2 M3x10 screws (instead of M3x8's which are a little short).

    Hope this helps and thanks for the Turbo-Fuse video!

    Last edited by Mike.; 04-26-2015 at 09:36 PM.

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    Re: HR-OS1 Documentation

    Yah - I have almost completed my build of the HR-OS1 and having fun.

    For now decided to go the RPI2 route as to try out the camera. In certain ways I should probably go with the Edison as I do have a reasonable amount of time and effort in on working with the Edison...

    As Mike mentioned, thanks for the videos, they do help a lot to see the right way to do things.

    I also ran into some of the same issues where bolts were not long enough.

    It also took me awhile on step 6, when I tried to use M3 spacers instead of m3 washers

    Step 23 - You probably should mention (like you did for Edison in 22), that the data cable needs to be plugged into Arbotix Pro

    Steps 23-24 - I found it easier to get all of those cables plugged into the Arbotix Pro, without having the data cable and dongles plugged into RPI2 (You also don't show them plugged in on step 24 as well)

    Step 25 (Where I am now) - Is there a secret on best way to slide battery in? When I do it as per pictures, where the battery connector becomes snug with the vertical standoff, the battery is still extending a bit beyond the bottom bracket, where it can be run into by the arm... And as some of you know I am a bit paranoid about lipo batteries.

    Next up is to tidy up some of the cables as to minimize chances of having them pinch or the like and to install the camera.


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