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Thread: HR-OS1 3D Models & 3D Printed Armor

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    Re: HR-OS1 3D Models & 3D Printed Armor

    I know but geezzz even lining up the holes on the existing one year old armor would seem like a small thing, when was anything done last on this project, maybe he needs to let someone else take it over!?

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    Re: HR-OS1 3D Models & 3D Printed Armor

    I'm sure volunteers would be welcome. The Trossen shop is not a big operation (<20 people, only 2~3 coders) and the funding from Intel only covered the initial launch of the HROS-1/5.

    Whenever the Windows 10 upgrade finishes downloading, I will then have access to Fusion360 and can start making stuff for Ripley's modified arms. XL-320/AX-12/'5g hobby servo' grippers might be first, although an airsoft gun mount could be just as likely.
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