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Thread: Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

  1. Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to make you all aware of a new project, and gather your ideas.
    The project is called Real Robots Live and will make it possible to log onto a live robot over the internet and drive it around a remote arena.
    You'll have full control over the robot via the software and will be able to see the camera images that stream from the robot's perspective. It's a high res, low latency feed on the robots and around the arena.
    Lots of these robots will be playing in the same arena - a real life online multiplayer game!
    We want robots to be able to construct structures, destroy them using weapons and interact with the arena (opening doors,etc.).
    Once online, we want to setup RealRobotsLiveTV so everyone can watch live events.

    This is a call for ideas. This is a game with the real world as it's engine. What would you like to see in this?

    Check out our videos: website
    Follow us on twitter and

    In 2-3 months we are aiming to crowdfund the project.


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    Re: Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

    That sounds great!

    What previous robotics experience do you have? For example, opening doors was a real challenge for the DARPA robot challenge contestants recently, so I presume that you already have some experienced team members?

  3. Re: Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

    On our team we have over a decade of electronics and programming experience. We've been working specifically on robotics over the last 2 years. We've already built the platform, software and robots. It will be a learning curve for us to add in moving doors etc, be interesting to see how you did this, this forum would be perfect for that.

    We'd be glad to hear everyones ideas and suggestions.

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    Re: Real Robots Live - multiplayer real life robotics game - call for ideas

    I'm curious.. is the game play going to be arena based? Like multiple areas to play?

    I think it would be neat if everything seen from the robot's view was futuristic looking rather than wood. Lighting effects would also be real neat during a session.

    What size doors are you trying to open and close? If it is something like small "gates" that the robots can pass through I think it would be so much easier than a door in a home.

    In any case I think this is a neat idea. I plan to keep an eye on the progress.. I'd even be willing to "beta" test if yall are ever in need.
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