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    One thing I do that works well is to inject power direct to the hub instead of through the controller board. You could have two strands into the board carry power, and then connect three strands out, and one to the Arbotix from each hub. That would reduce the voltage loss into the board to a minimum. (Although one direct input to the board for each board is probably good enough for AX-12s.)
    I have my bot standing and shifting in place, and it will probably take it's first steps in the next couple of days. I have the limbs moving really slowly at the moment, but sometimes when I make a mistake and all the servos zip at full speed simultaneously, the Arbotix-M resets. This happens whether I'm powering via that Arbotix-M, or the power hub. Trossen warns "*Under certain circumstances, these servos can drop the voltage on Switched Mode Power Supplies" and goes on to suggest I "also" use the SMPS2Dynamixel adapter.

    So I should get two SMPS2Dynamixel adapters, connect a hub to each, and run three of the limbs off each hub? And then connect the Arbotix-M either to the SMPS2Dynamixels or to the hubs?

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    Re: ax12a troubleshooting

    To avoid the power drop on fast movement, I run a power supply and LiPo battery in parallel.

    Because LiPos don't like overcharging (or trickle charging,) I keep the power supply voltage at about 3.9V per cell, so it doesn't go up to the "push charge into the battery" voltage. The battery just acts as a very, very, large capacitor with high internal resistance :-)

    I actually have a Dean's splitter connector/wiring harness I soldered up, which allows me to plug in/out power and battery in the same place, and switch one for the other without power disruption. I also have a Dean's connector output cable from my power supply. When I go "for real," I remove this Y harness and plug battery straight into power distribution.

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